Friday, December 8, 2017

DREADFUL RELIC "Combat Alchemist" 7" SINGLE Out Now!

Out Now!

DREADFUL RELIC "Combat Alchemist" 7"SINGLE

(Description by C.Conrad)
Through the release of its inaugural “Archaic Conjurations” demo and first EP, “Warlords of Cosmic Sovereign,” DREADFUL RELIC first introduced its concoction of Black Mythical Metal forged in Stygian sorcery. Now, as a prelude to the release of its debut full-length, to be unleashed in the coming weeks, Nuclear War Now! Productions and Frost and Fire Records jointly present this seven-inch EP, “Combat Alchemist,” which invokes the ancient spirits that first revealed themselves in the Black Metal tradition of yesteryear, with a most notable influence from the great HELLHAMMER and CELTIC FROST. In addition to the title track, which is a single from the album recordings, and a second original hymn, DREADFUL RELIC pays homage to another of its revered forefathers, SAMAEL, with a reinterpretation of the latter’s “Rite of Cthulhu,” from the 1991 album “Worship Him.” As a visual foreshadowing of the full-length, the EP’s artwork features a close-up detail of the image that is to adorn the album’s cover, as imagined and brilliantly executed by a legendary Heavy Metal artist of the 80s. “Combat Alchemist” thusly presents DREADFUL RELIC ’s vision of Lovecraftian and Howardian eldritch mythology, alchemically mingled with dark incidents of European history and invoked under the cursed sounds of Ancient Black Metal.

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Thursday, December 7, 2017

Golden Dawn Welcomes The turkish President

Earlier in Athens today,  Golden Dawn "welcomed" properly the turkish president erdogan as his car passes outside the Golden Dawn headquarters.

Friday, December 1, 2017

A BLOOD AXIS Retrospective

By Gerhard Hallstatt
Taken from AORTA XIX 1995
(issue dedicated to Blood Axis)

"UP TO NOW only four pieces of music by Blood Axis have been issued, all of them appearing on CD compilations released by the small German records label Cthulhu Records. The songs "Lord of Ages" and "Electricity" were recorded in the winter of 1990 and released in the summer of 1991 on the CD The Lamp of the Invible Light, together with songs by Ain Soph, Autopsia, Sol Invictus and others. In "Lord of Ages", a hymn to Mithras by the British writer Rudyard Kipling was set to music adapted from the "Overture to The Sun" from the film Clockwork Orange. "Electricity" dealt with the influence of electricity on the human organism, in its physical as well as its mythological aspects. For this song Moynihan used short excerpts from the opera Electra by Richard Strauss. In the booklet accompanying the CD he quoted a section from the book by Liebenfels that refers to the relationship between electricity and divinity.

In summer 1994 a single with the songs "Walked in Line" by Blood Axis, a cover version by the British group Joy Division, and "Ernting" by the Austrian formation Allerseelen. Virtually at the same time, "Walked in Line" came out on another Cthulhu Records CD compilation called
Im Blutfeuer. In addition to works by Allerselen, Death In June, Ernte, and Sol Invictus, the CD also featured a second song by Blood Axis: "The Storm Before The Calm". This composition combined sounds from a nocturnal thunderstorm with a piano motif sampled  from a recording of Friedrich Nietzsche's "Heldenklange" ("Hero's Lament"), which was composed in 1862. Over this soundscape, Moynihan recited several excerpts from Ernst  Jünger's parable On The Marble Cliffs, in both English and German. At one point an original speech from the thirties by the Romanian visionary and Iron Guard found Corneliu Zelea Codreanu can also be heard. This oeuvre was dedicated to Ernst Junger, who celebrated his hundredth birthday on 29.III.1995."

A Stormy Winter Night of December's End
Ernst Jünger - 102 Years In The Heart of Europe
Did Friedrich Nietzsche met Wotan?

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Horde ABSURD 2017 - Blutkult und Finsternis

New merchandise shall be made available at the Asgardsrei-festival in Kiew, on December 16th 2017!
We are proud to present two different designs done by long-time brother in arms, Antichrist Kramer, that hark back to the early days of Absurd! The "Gates of Heaven"-Shirt as well as the "Reichsarmee der Finsternis"-Shirt can be purchased at the Militant Store in Kiew, on the festival weekend, and will subsequently be available from online stores too.


Sunday, November 26, 2017

The Appeal of the Science Fiction Exploitation Movie

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In a previous post, I mentioned why it’s so difficult to make good science fiction movies and why they’re rarer than studios not currently embroiled in a sex scandal.  However, there is a more effective approach which can significantly boost one’s chances of making a worthwhile and successful film in this genre.  Unsurprisingly, this is the exact opposite of what Hollywood is doing today.

I am talking about the science fiction exploitation movie.  In many ways, one can consider them the movie analogs of the pulp novel.  Free of pretension, they’re all about action and adventure.  They’re concerned with bizarre characters and scenarios, not with moralistic lessons or fancy-sounding mumbo-jumbo written by scientific illiterates who couldn’t solve a basic incline plane statics problem.  Some might deem them simple, but with movies, that’s a relative term.  Thematically, most science fiction classics are straightforward, whether it’s
The Fifth Element or Blade Runner.

There is one exploitation movie most readers have seen, and it’s one they might not immediately consider as such.  Namely
Mad Max and its sequel, The Road Warrior.

These two movies are violent, action-packed, and earthy, already a departure from most staid, glossy, bloodless science fiction films made since.  Note too how iconic the post-apocalyptic the world it creates is, endless parodied and copied in the decades since.  It’s filled with dirt and disorder, as opposed to the perfect cleanliness and order of big budget science fiction movies.  While the storylines are simple enough, there is tremendous imagination in the look of the mohawk-wearing punks, the reliance on gasoline in the future, and the many weird, amusing characters.  The film even features several funny moments, a vital ingredient in science fiction that is rejected by newer, more “serious” attempts.

The combination of the action, imaginative world, and iconic characters creates a successful, enduring classic.  Ask yourself if a recent science fiction movie has featured anything as cool or as memorable as the short introduction of Lord Humongous at the beginning of this clip? And it’s simply a minor scene, not even featuring the main character!

An exploitation movie, by focusing on pure entertainment, need not even have an imaginative world OR particularly iconic characters to have a measure of success.  While nowhere near as good as Mad Max, Death Race 2000 (1975) is a perfectly entertaining flick.  For those unfamiliar with the cult classic, it’s about a futuristic cross-country race whose rules are never made exactly clear, except that killing opponents and random pedestrians is a mark in one’s favor.  It’s nothing more than an excuse to feature oddball racers (including David Carradine in a black leather gimp suit as “Frankenstein”, apparently not such a departure from his real life, as we would later learn) shooting and throwing bombs at one another and pedestrians.  Despite the many imitators and an entire genre of racing games it spawned, the original still stands up well to this day.  Since it’s fast-paced, focuses on action, and is humorous and tongue-in-cheek, any deficiencies in its story or plot become less relevant, as it’s not what the movie is striving for.

An accurate depiction of most politicians, only far less monstrous.

Lastly, let’s look at a higher-budgeted, more modern science fiction exploitation movie,
They Live (1988). It was a major studio release headed by one of the biggest directors in the world then, John Carpenter.  And yet, it’s still an exploitation movie at its core.  There are a pair of weird sunglasses that allows “Rowdy” Roddy Piper to see that certain humans are really horrifyingly ugly aliens.  Where the hell did these sunglasses comes from?  Where the hell did these aliens come from?  What is their goal?  Why didn’t they conquer the Earth by more conventional means?  Who knows?!  More importantly, who cares?!  Again, the focus is on the action, weird characters, and memorable scenes and situations.  And it too, despite the often gritty vibe, has many moments of the humor, including the very last image of the movie.

This is not to say that all science fiction exploitation movies are good or even entertaining.  But the chances of making another Mad Max, Death Race 2000, or They Live is much higher than that of another
Planet of the Apes (1968) or Blade Runner.

Thus, for those disappointed by modern science fiction movies, I encourage one to check out some of the older exploitation films.


Wednesday, November 22, 2017

The Hammer, the Swastika and their Cosmic Destiny

Just today I came across this news:

 "Buried giant Swastika is discovered by builders 70 years after it was built as a Nazi memorial but will now be broken up by jackhammers"

You can read the full article HERE

Just in few hours the goverment decided to destroy this with jackhammers. Ofcourse thats nothing new. Especially in Germany. Probably the most jewish state in Europe right now. Before that many monuments destroyed, culture artifacts removed. Even family graves. Someone with even the basic understanding of whats going on today, perhaps will find it very logical and reasonable. Its natural that the world, this current and its established forces and what they stand for to want to throw into the oblivion the symbols of their ADVERSARY. Their NATURAL ETERNAL ENEMY who no matter what they do, in one way or another, in one form or another, always come back. 

However, to me what happened today has a more profound symbolism. Its the Wolf-age! the end of a cycle. The enemy knows that this will age will pass and its idols will fall. Yes, for one more time they will destroy the symbol  but for sure they can`t always destroying something that what it represent is ETERNAL, AGELESS and TIMELESS. The same goes also for the ideals of the people who build it.

I spoke before about the profound symbolism that instantly came to my mind upon hearing this news. 
All connected at this painting:

Thor's Fight with the Giants

Painted in 1872 by the Swedish artist Marten Eskil Winge.
In this painting the god Thor swings his HAMMER Mjölnir
  and wears the megingjörd. In this power-belt appears a SWASTIKA.

Hann spennir sik megingjörðum, ok óx honum ásmegin
(He girded himself with his belt of strength, and his divine strength grew)
PROSE EDDA - Gylfaginning

Here is The Hammer and the Swastika fullfiling their Cosmic destiny!