Tuesday, January 17, 2017

DREADFUL RELIC - The Four Winds Are Howling!

DREADFUL RELIC first announcements for 2017
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Saturday, January 14, 2017

Ancient Monuments After The Touch of Ariadne

Ariadne was the code name given to the Siberian cold that last week descented into Central and South Europe. In Hellas, usually there is snow and minus zero temperatures in the northen parts of the land, but its very rare to snow in the whole of country at the same time. Even inside Athens and in the Aegean islands. 

During the passage of Ariadne the ancient monuments and temples looked exceptionally great! Because its something that its very rare to see.
Here is some photos of some of this sites covered in snow. Captured by local photographers. 








Tuesday, January 10, 2017

The Birthday of TinTin and The Dangers of Communism

10th of January is the official birthday of the famous TinTin. From whom his creator Herge inspired to do this classic comic hero is already mentioned before in this blog (for those who missed this post, check the link after this article).  Also it is quite known  that the first two volumes are quite forbidden today in Europe. In some places openly and in some other secretly (by simply not re-print it anymore or just "vanished" it from the shelves of the second hand stores).

For reasons that are still uknown to me, recently in Hellas a big comic publishing house re-printed in its original form the debut adventure of TinTin which is TinTin in the Land of the Soviets. Taking into consideration the current political state of affairs, thats a bold movement for sure.
However, by doing the basic search, easily someone can discover that its just a simple story in a foreign country, but the testimony of an eye-witness transfered into comic.

Herge himself admitted that his inspiration for the story was the book of Joseph Douillet Moscow Unmasked: A Record of Nine Years Work in Soviet Russia For more info see HERE

 Now what we have to do is to find a proper English version of this book.

 PS. There is a similar book also in Hellas. Aristeides Andronikos, the Greek embassador in St.Petersburg during the bolshevik revolution era, wrote also a book that published during the 1920's titled "What is Bolshevism?" which served as a warning about the communist atrocities and the plans for an upcoming jewish domination in whole of Europe.



Friday, January 6, 2017

Latest News From The Underground Front

Here are some of the latest news from Racially motivated underground bands that deserve your support. Omaimon Paradosis Blog fully recommends these releases!

 GOATMOON "STELLA POLARIS" New album coming in February.
Order from here
 HELLS HEADBANGERS - http://www.hellsheadbangers.com/

RAVEN DARK Foretasting The Death By Birth CD
Unreleased album from 1998 now available for first time!
Released by : https://vk.com/ragnarokrecords

WOLFNACHT Ypervoreia 
New 2017 album to released by IG FARBEN PRODUKTION


Saturday, December 31, 2016

Ride To The Nightsky and Back

My Journey To The Stars

I Immaterialize
And Slowly Drift
Into the Unknown
With the Cold Winds with Soul
The Wintery Plains Lie Untouched
I Ride on My Elements
Towards the Stars Unseen
A Quest
For Knowledge
In the
Stench Intensifies
As I
Near a Spectral Sphere
After a Hundred
Men's Lifetime
In Analyzing
I learn
To Consume
The Sphere
Of Immense Power
And To
Become Immortal
Darkness Hate and Winter
Rules the Earth when I Return
Between Races
A Goal Is Reached
Chaos, Hate

BURZUM January 1992

Monday, December 26, 2016

Signs of Endtimes

During 2016, and as far i can remember more than any other year before, I read, heard or saw somewhere about Ancient Hellenic archaeological excavations that oftenly turned into a very important discoveries. I found it quite remarkable how frequently I was receiving such news. From the archaelogical point of view 2016 in Hellas had a wide range of findings. 
To the majority of the modern men probably this means nothing. However to some others, this means a lot! Not only enriching our knowledge and view about our ancestral past, but it shows also that in this dark times where everything  (spiritually and physically) around falling apart, a deeper view into our past will strengthen our conviction that everything in nature is cyclical. What will follow after the decay of our times will remain to be seen....

After all, the graves, the temples, the monuments are here to remind it us more clearly than ever! 

If you have the same intrest as I do. Here I collected the links of the most, if not all archaeological discoveries for 2016.












Wednesday, December 21, 2016

High Night of Bright Stars

High Night of Bright Stars
Original : Hohe Nacht der Klaren Sterne by Hans Baumann
English translation by Monica Mainardi for THULE ITALIA

Sublime night of clear stars
That as far bridges
Connect our hearts
At the deepest immensity.
Sublime night of huge fires,
that shine on all the mountains,
because today the land must be renewed
like a newborn baby!

Mothers, for you are all fires
And all these stars;
Mothers, in the depths of your hearts
Beats the heart of the world to come!

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